Second International Conference on Fuel Ammonia、Date:28th September(Wednesday)6:00PM -(JST) Online(LIVE streaming) Second International Conference on Fuel Ammonia、Date:28th September(Wednesday)6:00PM -(JST) Online(LIVE streaming)

The Conference has finished. Thank you for your watching our conference.

Conference Information

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 18:00 -  (JST, +0900)
Online  (LIVE streaming)
English / Japanese  (Simultaneous interpretation)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  (METI)
Clean Fuel Ammonia Association  (CFAA)

Conference Outline

In order to establish stable, low-cost, flexible supply chains and markets for fuel ammonia as a zero-emission fuel, the International Conference on Fuel Ammonia (ICFA) will be held with the participation of related countries, businesses and organizations. The aim is to build the foundation for international collaboration among related parties that transcends national boundaries.

Following our first Conference in 2021, the development of initiatives on production, supply and utilization of ammonia fuels worldwide has been remarkable, particularly in Asia and other regions where concrete studies for power generation have already been undertaken. The purpose of the Conference is to learn about these efforts made and, furthermore, to enable a deep understanding of the future direction for the fuel ammonia supply chain and its market.

As you will be aware, the Conference is held as a part of Tokyo GX Week which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is organizing this fall targeting green transformation (GX). This is the realization of economic growth led by a reduction of emissions resulting from the shift in industry to a clean energy-centered economy and society.


Session 1: Government Session
  • Opening Remarks

    Click here for fuel ammonia supply cost analysis (interim report)

  • Mr. NISHIMURA Yasutoshi
    Minister of Economy,
    Trade and Industry (METI)

  • Message

  • H.E. Arifin Tasrif
    Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
    (Republic of Indonesia)

  • Message

  • H.E. Ms. Inga M. W. Nyhamar

Session 2: International Agency / Research Institute Session
  • Message

  • Keisuke SADAMORI
    Director, Energy Markets and Security
    International Energy Agency (IEA)

  • Role of low-emissions fuels in managing seasonal variability of renewables

  • Dr. Paolo Frankl
    Head, Renewable Energy Division
    International Energy Agency (IEA)

  • Co-firing of Clean Ammonia for Decarbonization in Asia

  • TERAZAWA Tatsuya
    Chairman and CEO
    The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Session 3: Industry Session 19:00 - (JST, +0900)

Topic 1: Signing of memorandum of understanding

Topic 2: Initiatives to Realize the Use of Ammonia Power Generation

  • JERA's CO2 Zero-Emission Challenge for Ammonia-fueled Generation and Building Fuel Ammonia Supply Chain

  • ONODA Satoshi
    JERA Co., Inc.

  • Fuel Ammonia Value Chain: The Key to Achieving Carbon Neutrality

  • IDE Hiroshi
    IHI Corporation
    Chief Executive Officer

  • MHI Group Activities to Establish Ammonia Value Chain for Fuel Use

  • MATSUDA Hiroshi
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    Senior Vice President

  • Technical Feasibility of Co-Firing Ammonia and Sub-Bituminous Coals in a Pilot-scaled Combustor

    TNB Research Sdn Bhd. (Malaysia)
    Managing Director

  • Green Ammonia for Power Sector in Indonesia

  • Dr. Zainal Arifin
    PT PLN (Perseno) (Republic of Indonesia)
    Executive Vice President for Engineering and Technology

  • The potential role of green ammonia in India’s net-zero transition

  • Arun Kumar Sharma
    Adani Group (India)
    Group Head for Sustainability and Climate Change

Topic 3: Development of a Fuel Ammonia Supply Chain

  • Mitsui’s and CF Industries’ strategies for a sustainable clean ammonia supply chain

  • FURUTANI Takashi
    MITSUI & CO., LTD.
    Executive Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Basic Materials Business Unit

    Erik M. Mayer
    CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
    (United States of America)
    Vice President, Clean Energy Solutions

  • Initiatives by Mitsubishi Corporation for establishment of fuel ammonia supply chain

  • HABA Hiroki
    Mitsubishi Corporation
    Senior Vice President Division COO,
    Next Generation Fuels & Petroleum Business Div.
    Petroleum & Chemicals Solution Group
    EX Taskforce

  • Nutrien Clean Ammonia

  • Ashley Harris
    Nutrien Ltd. (Canada)
    Vice President of Environmental Performance and Innovation

  • Yara Clean Ammonia Introduction - Clean Ammonia Supply Chain to Japan

  • Magnus Ankarstrand
    Yara International ASA
    President of Yara Clean Ammonia

  • Building a low carbon energy business with traceable emissions across the value-chain

  • Olivier G. Thorel
    Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
    Vice President, Chemicals

  • Woodside supporting Japan's decarbonisation goals through investment and strategic partnerships

  • Maria Gonzalez-Perez
    Woodside Energy Ltd. (Australia)
    VP Business Development New Energy

Topic 4: Initiatives for Various Use of Fuel Ammonia and Support for Expanding Supply

  • Draft Definition of Clean Ammonia (Interim Summary)

  • HOSONO Koji
    Clean Fuel Ammonia Association
    Leader, Certification Working Group
    Mitsubishi Corporation

  • Decarbonization of Shipping with Ammonia as Marine Fuel

  • NAKAMURA Toshi
    NYK Line
    Executive Officer

  • Contribution to Materialize Economical Clean Fuel NH3 Supply Chain

  • ITO Kenji
    Executive Officer
    President, Sustainable Solutions

    HOSOI Eiji
    Senior Executive Officer
    Unit Director, Plant Solution Business Unit

  • JOGMEC's Approach toward Fuel Ammonia Value Chain Realization

  • WAKUDA Hajime
    Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation

  • JBIC's Strategic Approaches for Seamless Support toward Global Fuel Ammonia Supply Chain

  • INABA Yutaka
    Japan Bank for International Cooperation
    Managing Executive Officer, Global Head of Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group

Session 4: Closing Session
  • Summary Statement & Closing Remarks

  • MURAKI Shigeru
    Clean Fuel Ammonia Association
    Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Executive Advisor